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Men of Letter's Bunker Entrance...

I get a lot of question's from people about the location of Supernatural's secret society "Men of Letter's" Bunker. Or as Dean calls it, "The Bat Cave". So here I give you this post that should help answer questions and eliminate any confusion!

Location of the Bunker and how to get there: 

As listed in my Season 8 Locations List, the actual door is located directly under the "Iron Workers Memorial Bridge" (On the Vancouver side. Not North Vancouver.) in Bate's Park.

Co-ordinates and Google Maps Link to Bunker: [49.291986,-123.02652]

If you're using Google (or what have you) for directions to get you there. If it says to go over the Iron Workers Bridge.. don't! That'll just get you all turned around and confused and you'll just have lost half an hour trying to get where you want to go. (unless you're coming from North Vancouver, then disregard this)

Use these co-ordinates for driving directions: [49.29058,-123.028336] (because Google Maps can't differentiate that you want below the bridge with the first set of co-ordinates, so these will take you as close as you can get by car)

Click the "Green" Arrow. Then "Directions". Put down the address you're starting from...Voila! Directions!

The best and easiest way to get access that part of the park is off Bridgeway St/N Skeena St. Trust me, the first time we tried to visit the bunker, I didn't research it before hand, and we tried to get there from a different part of the park...Bad idea. I still have scars from it. haha...ha... Anyways, using the map below as reference: The "red" line is a trail that will lead you straight to the bunker by foot. If you are driving, there is a small gravel parking lot (Which I marked on the map as a "blue" square). It's literally a 3 minute walk from the parking lot to the bunker itself. Easy Peasy!



The Bunker Exterior:

Now this is where I've seen a bit of confusion on the internet. I've seen people with blog posts, went to see the bunker and apparently couldn't find it. Or didn't really believe it's the correct location. I get it. Even though technically it's like RIGHT THERE... it looks very different from how it does in the show. Here let me show you:

So first off, The actual bunker building is pretty much completely CGI. (Sad, I know) They used one of the supports of the I.W. Bridge as the base of the structure:

Then the entrance...
It's always covered in tons graffiti. (The door and the surrounding area is a popular tagging spot.) For the show they remove the front guardrail and put in stair's.

Now, I know it's hard to see, but the physical door actually exists under all that spray paint!

Now how does it go from a graffiti littered mess to the infamous "Men of Letter's" Bunker door you may ask...

I've been very lucky when it comes to my visits to the MoL bunker. My first visit (which is the comparison photo's I used above are from) graffiti everywhere! I mean we knew it was it, but all of us even standing right in front of it were a bit like: "Really? Maybe we were wrong... are you sure?..." It took re-looking at the screen caps on our phones to become complete sure we were looking at the actual bunker from the show. I kept thinking, "How the hell did they get this to look like it does on the show!?" WELL...

Our next visit, actually our third visit, because the second was... well... I'll save that story for last.
We figured they had just recently wrapped up filming by the time we got there. The door and surrounding parts were painted to cover the graffiti:

*Ahem* But on to the real second visit...*giggles* So, basically my best friend Heather (@DearHeartxoxo) was visiting me here in Vancouver and ended up going to watch SPN filming somewhere (I wasn't there) and I guess she decided to check out the MoL bunker on her way back from set... and apparently the whole freaking thing was set up! in all it's glory! The crew let her take a pic in front of it. But I wasn't there! :(

I was so jealous, but sooo excited that she got to see it!

Since it was already to late for me to try and head out there myself that night, we decided to head out first thing in the morning and pray it they hadn't taken it down by then.

So fast forward to next morning. As we are on the trail leading up to it there were trucks and film crew people. So we speed up a bit. Coming around the corner... This is when I had to stop myself from loudly squealing and flailing...

It was only a few guys there, and they were just taking it down. We got there in perfect time. Apparently as soon as they remove the last bit of the frame, the whole fake brick wall just falls right out.

The guys were super nice! Even stopping everything they were doing and getting out of view so I could pose for a picture with it...
Needless to say, this is definitely one of my favourite moments of my life as a Supernatural fan.
As you can see in my picture, the pieces around the door, parts of it are missing. Which kinda gives you an idea how they piece it all together.

And here is Heather's picture, with the completely put together MoL bunker door, that she got the day before me:

The Bunker Interior:

Now we've all seen how unbelievably impressive the inside of the MoL Bunker looks. I mean, to the set designers" *applauds you*. It's beautiful.

I'm guessing most people know the MoL interior was built for the show in their studio's. Before you ask me ('cause I get this a lot), No, they don't do tour's of the studio's. So your chances of seeing the inside of the bunker is very nil (unless you got some really high up contacts on the show... and if you do...wanna be my friend? really...please be my friend!). Maybe one day if we're all very very lucky, and they're done with the bunker they'd do a fan tour of it before they destroy it...please!!

But after saying all that. I DID actually see it. Well, I didn't get to go inside. but I got to see the outside of the inside.

Supernatural had a HUGE wardrobe sale in May (2013). I went, and did NOT expect for it to be in the same room as the MoL bunker set. It was friggin' big by the way.

(You can see the window behind Sam & Dean and the same window seen behind me!)

I wasn't able to get any other good pics. I was too distracted by the awesome stuff I found at the  wardrobe sale. ;)


 There you go!

That's pretty much everything I know. I hope this was helpful! If you still have any questions feel free to message me!

Happy Hunting! :D

- KJ.xx