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I have a VanCon question. It is my first convention and I will be buying the day pass for Sunday to see Jensen and Jared. But I am also buying the photo ops and they are listed with Misha (which is fantastic), but it says Misha is appearing on Saturday. How does that work.

Of course, I might end up buying the Silver Pkg. There was like 5 seats left. But do they send you an itinerary when you buy tickets? Also, I'm going alone, and would love to meet other fans. I live in Vancouver, so I have no issues going.


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Kirsten Mander
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Hi Chrissy, I will be traveling to Vancouver from new zealand for a holiday and I have just brought a Sunday ticket to of course see Jared & jensen. This will be my first anything supernatural related, so I am very excited. I am going on my own, as my husband is not keen to join me, so i would love to know someone going. My seat is S7. I think there is still a seat near me available. You can email me [email protected]

I am also wanting to look at some Supernatural location stuff while I am in vancouver.

Kirstie :-)

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