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Hi, I am new to this site but am seeking all the info I can squeeze out of all my supernatural friends. Myself and my Hubby Mark who my kids say has a secret man crush on "Crowley ", and my3 kids: Natalie 14 (loves Castiel), son Will, daughter Victoria 9 (loves Sam), and myself who has always liked Jensen even when he was on Days of our lives are planning a family vacation to Vancouver area starting around the Civic holiday w/e. We will be there for 9 days. Is there a website that lists where Bobby's Junkyard is and hrs of operation, Winchester family home, the crossroads, the roadhouse, the Campbell family home? Is there any place that anyone would suggest where we should go to possibly catch some filming going on? and what time of the day does this occur? also are there any stores that anyone would recommend for supernatural souveniers? We live in Ontario and the pickens are slim. Our daughter Natalie attended the convention in Toronto last year and we are all attending this year. We are junkies. I wish we had planned our vac earlier, the convention in Vancouver is probably already sold out???

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Yes! This website has one of the biggest list of filming locations you'll find on the web! Hover on the "Locations Seasons 1-9" tab above and you'll find every season listed there. Just click which ever seaosn you want and they're listed in order by episode and scene. (including coordinates to help you find location easier) Bobby's Junk yard is in there a lot, but go look at season 2, Episode 1 and it's listed there. That goes for the rest of them too: Winchester Home: 1x09, Crossroads: 2x08, Roadhouse 2x02, Campbell House 4x02

They film Monday-Friday basically all over Vancouver's Lower Mainland. You just have to get lucky running into them somewhere.

As far as I know Gold and Silver tickets are sold out but I think they are still selling General Admission.

There's not really any SPN merch being sold here. Just stuff from the conventions.



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