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Posted on March 17, 2010 at 6:19 PM

Its was a very short shoot... but totally worth it! ;) When we first got there (around 5:30 pm) they were still setting up. We talked to a crew member who told us that they weren't going to start shooting until around 8 pm. And J&J were at the studio finishing up some scenes and then were going to head to NewWest later. She said it was going to be the final shot of the Episode...from the things she said we assumed it was for episode 21. So we left and got a bite to eat then came back at around 9pm. They were all set up.. the cameras were out.. the Impala was there! (squee! ^^) Neither of the boys had shown yet... So we sat on the curb across the street watching them set up the camera and making sure its already to start filming.


Finally we see them come out of the Van.. u can hear all the girls *gasping*  ...Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles had finally made it out to New Westminster and got right down to filming. The scene was Sam & Dean in the Impala with there binoculars watching something across the street.... sadly we couldn't hear any of the dialogue from J&J.  



After a few takes of that J&J got out of the car and started saying goodbyes to the crew... with many hugs. The most hugged was Phil Sgriccia (Executive Producer, Director, and maker of the awsome "Gag Reels") who showed up at the end of the shoot. After a couple minutes of them talking to crew members Jared & Jensen left...  




But the shoot wasn't over yet! Directly across the street they were going to film the scene that shows what Sam & Dean were watching with there binoculars. The Scene is a man in a wheel chair being pushed into building thats called "serenity valley convalescent home". Now I dont want to make any assumptions, because I have no clue what was actually happening, but the man in the wheel chair looked a bit like Bobby (Jim Beaver). So we were thinking it might be Jim's body double... and that maybe its supposed to be Bobby being pushed into this facility.



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