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Posted on February 12, 2010 at 5:35 PM

This set visit was very interesting! When we arrived at the place we heard that they were filming and we had to walk a bit down a trial because we were in a forest. As we got deeper into the forest we started seeing set trucks and a epic smoke thing that was basically a giant garbage bag in the shape of a very very long tube... I called it the "smoke snake" (lol)...Eventually some our friends showed up and told us that they just saw Misha Collins at the craft services! We were so happy to hear that Misha was on set! So we went back to Craft services and stood off to the side near there hoping to maybe see Misha again... So we stood there talking it had been an hour already and I look over at the food table and I see Misha there wearing a jacket over his trench coat... I whispered to my other friends "Mishas over there!" The other crew members were over there to and saw us staring in that direction and seemed amused that we were squeeing... almost like they were laughing at us... so "Misha" finally turns around (cause we could only see his back before) and we realized thats totally not Misha! lol... It was his body double! that was hilarious... We met some really cool crew members to keep us entertained while we waiting to see something... but of course we didnt know we were totally standing in the wrong spot! a random guy walking his dog informed us that there was a epic fight scene going on up the hill... anyways the rest is in this video... check it out! ;)


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