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Posted on January 28, 2010 at 6:10 PM

So this day was defiantly one of the best days of my life! Not only did I make a new awsome friends BUT I saw 3 very gorgeous amazing men! Now I dont need to go into detial of what happend on set because its all mostly in the video... but ill let you in on what I didnt show! ;D So me and my new friend Heather arrived on set in Langely (after many bus rides!) at about 12 or 1 in the afternoon... as soon as we got to there they were already in the proccess of filming. The first scene we saw was Jared and Jensen coming out of the Impala.. Sam throws dean a rag(?) then they did a wedding scene when the bride and Groom run out of the church will people throwing rice at them... I swear I saw Dean checking out the Bride butt!! HA! All the rest were just Sam and Dean doing dialoge scenes outside the church... but then something really exciting happend! We heard on the crew radios that Misha was about to arrive on set! XD He came in wearing Jeans and a hoodie! They did a few rehursal scenes with Dean carrying out a injured castiel and Sam carrying out the priest (who was played by Larry Poindexter) heres the video:

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When night came they did the real scene and I was able to pick up on most of the dialoge this is what happend:

The first part Dean is carrying out an injured Castiel and Sam is carrying out an Pastor Gideon:


Sam: "...the last time i checked --" [rest is indistinguishable]

Dean: "Well I dont know what to tell you. I saw a shot and I took it."


They Load Cas & other guy into car and shut there doors...sam looks at dean over the roof of the impala and says: "Your going to do something stupid.. like Micheal stupid.."Deans doesn't respond and gets into the impala...


Heres what you DIDNT see int he video! So after Sitting & Standing on the side walk for 5 hours someone from the crew informed us that they were all going on a dinner break so we could do the same... So we did.. we went to a little cafe near the set with the greatest hot chocolate if I might add ^^ the cafe was actually in the background in Supernatural ("Croatoan" & "The Song Remains the Same") anyways while we sat in the cafe eating our food we see Misha walk us the side walk in front of us! hehe! He basically was wondering the streets of Fort Langely by himself... Anyways lets get to the good stuff! We didn't know at the time but Michael Shanks (SG-1, Sanctuary, Smallville) was on set... and Heather just happen to accidently get a picture of him!


So when night came... and the boys were in there warm trailer and we were on the cold side walk (lol) we noticed a man with a hood standing across the street from the set in front of us with women fixing his clothing and makeup... we were all like "who's this mystery man!" (little did we know it was Michael Shanks) ...then he did a few scenes where he was walking by himself and thinks he hears something so looks over his shoulder and does that a few times...the last him he turns to see Castiel standing there... they talked a bit... the guy tried to walk away but Castiel stopped him... Once they were done with that they seemed like they were done and I had my back facing the set talking to my friends when I heard some girls *gasping* and turned around to see Misha coming towards us! and says: “I hope no one is missing work for this!...How long have you guys been here?” I spoke up and said "Me and her (referring to Heather) have been hear since around 1 (it was about between 9-10 pm then)" Misha says, “Shit! you guys really are devoted!” ...he continued to talk to us for a little while and took a picture with one of my friends and signed her drawing of him... then he sadly had to leave :(


So the crew started to pack up to move to the next location which was only just a bit down the street so we follow (of course! lol) We were moved around alot so we werent in the shot... we were shooed off to the side... but ha! so was misha... he had to wait near where we were standing... lol... we also met a cool crew member that dealt with our crazy asses the rest of the night..he was so nice!



 And the last shot of the night!




[you cant see jared in my shot.. but ill tell u what i saw with my eyes]

Your hear the door of the impala slam shut as dean jumps in and quikly turns on the impala. Sam Quickly runs out of the motel room in his pj's to catch dean but Dean quickly speeds off in the impala and Sam yells "No! Dean!!" and watches as the impala speed off breathing heavy with his hands on his head...(obviously deans gunna do something stupid! OH NO! lol)


Side Note... I didn't get any pics  but they did a scene when Dean gives Castiel some aspirin... lol just thought you should know ;)




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