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Posted on July 9, 2010 at 2:26 PM


OH MAN! finally! Some season 6 sets! ...alright lets get down to business! ...thanks to a tip from a member on my site, Tara, I learned about Supernatural filming in Langley! I don't have any major spoilers... but hopefully this will help keep some of you alive our this torturous Helliatus!



So me (@KJNeely) and my friends Kathy (@Narnia101) and Rachel (@Racheltastik) arrived in Fort Langely (after taking 3 buses! ><;) where we found some filming signs pointing up 96 Ave... So of course we followed! we kept following the arrows..... for a very VERY long time...





We passed by the Craft Services and the crew Parking....





and so we kept walking ....and walking.....for about a freaking hour! ....until we saw some cars stopped and with what Kathy thought was for construction... but I was like... maybe it Supernatural! ...and it was! we started to see trucks and lights as we rounded the corner... on the left I saw a fake play ground set up with the the same monkey bars they used in "Something Wicked" ....





Then we saw Clif (Jared & Jensens Bodyguard) standing over by his car... Im pretty sure he was staring us down to see if we were a threat... cause you know there nothing scarier then a bunch of fan girls! XD ... then I looked over to my right and there was the awesomest set! haha.... the pictures don't do it justice.... you can see the lake and mountains... im sure once the episode airs you'll see how pretty it was! they have a fake stone wall up and they have a bunch of fake grave sites in there aswell...





Basically  we were there for like 2 minutes.... then we were asked to leave... were assuming cause something was "going down"... ("going down? right. Okay Huggy Bear..." hehe) So I don't have any spoilers other then the fact that  I saw was Jared as Sam...alive and well....haha no duh!... I hope everyone knew that already lol and his big Bear laugh! haha its adorable ^^ also Jensen directing... he was waving his arms and everything! 





oh and Mark Sheppard (aka Crowely) was there as well!! woot! thats exciting! my opinion anyway! haha ;D





 so hope you enjoyed this report!... we did walk for hours *dramatic voice* to bring you this news!




New Report From @treehawk73 ...she gives us her story of the set... thanks so much Tara!:



"My daughter (7) and I went down again last night and had a great time.  We watched them filming the scene in the cemetery with Sam and Dean and Crowley talking.  When we first arrived Jared was standing in front of a truck at the side of the road talking to some other guys. We drove right past him and then parked a ways up and walked back and were able to stand within 10 feet of him. But I'm afraid I'm too much of a chicken to go and ask for autographs and we were told as soon as we got there that we could stay and watch but that we were not allowed to take any pictures.  After they filmed the cemetery scene Jensen walked right by us again with in 10 feet of us. 


We were there for about an hour, but only got to see about 15 mins of filming.  They were finished in the cemetery and moving across the street to the house and we overhead them say something about setting up by the "wood chipper".  Plus it was their "lunch" break.

We wandered around the set for quite a while after and I couldn't believe how nice the crew was.  My daughter would ask me a question about what a piece of equipment was or what someone was doing and they would stop and explain it to her.  It was great!  She even got to use the "cast" washrooms because the park washrooms were locked up.   She's now decided she really wants to get into the film industry!


I did get a good shot of the cemetery earlier in the day.  I drove out that way to see if they were still there and it was before they had started filming so there were very few people there and I was able to pull over and take a picture."




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