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Posted on November 5, 2010 at 7:53 PM Comments comments (3)

I was so happy to catch Supernatural filming an episode that I think will be my new favourite once it airs. It's already the most anticipated episode for me because it's a episode about bashing Vampires from popular series like Vampire Diaries, True Blood, & Twilight. I think it's LONG overdue! (lol!)


I first arrived on set in the morning in Downtown Vancouver they were still setting up and after talking to one of the crew guys it was clear that they weren't going to start filming for a few hours. So we left and came back at around 4:30 and some fans were already there waiting. The first thing I noticed was the fake street lamps (Which I like to call "Castiel Lights" because they always use those in Castiel scenes). It was mostly inside shots for the hours we were there. I sort of got a little peak into the spot they were filming because they had the door open. Not sure if there using the exact stuff i saw but it was like a balcony with a giant clock hanging off the side of it. It looked interesting!

We were able to stand off to the entrance to the alley they were filming in. Mitch Pileggi was just hanging around the alley with the crew just chatting for a few hours. He came over a talked to us for just a minute, he was very nice guy, and then left back into the alley. For most of the night we talked to the crew... they were extremely nice and entertaining!


Saw Jared & Jensen a little bit in the day time. They were mostly going in and out of the building they were shooting in and stopping for a few moments to talk to Mitch and some crew.





There were a lot of extras in the alley waiting for there shots. There was one in particular that made me explode with excitement. He really stood out amongst the rest and was familiar looking. Then I remembered... This is mostly a twilight spoof... They had a awesome Edward Cullen look like! I couldn't stop laughing! Then there was a spoof Bella Swan with him... I later asked one of the crew if they could tell me what there names were going to be in the episode, Because I didn't think they were going to use "Edward & Bella" I was told there names were going to be Robert & Kristen!!! (as in the Twilight actors Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!)





Then there was suddenly this group of girls that walked onto the set... They all walked in together it looked like a scene out of mean girls, just slow it down and add They looked like they were either the Slutty Vampire Chicks or Twi-Hards lol


The rest of the day was mostly just us talking to the crew... Then they began to set up a new scene. The crew guy said if we went on the other side of the alley we could probably get a better view so we head over there. One they had all the equipment set up they started the scene. It was Jared who was holding a bloody knife & Mitch in a red van with, what I think is, a Vampire on the roof laying there.  They did a few takes of the same scene doing different things. First Jared pretended to throw the Vamp off the car and onto the ground. I think he mimed it so they could CGI him throwing someone onto the concrete. After he threw him onto the ground you hear a "hey!" coming from the alley and Sam & Samuel (lol) go running through the alley. Then they did a shot of the guy sliding off the car onto a mat on the ground (He missed the mat and his chin hit the ground but he was fine but everyone gave him an applause). Then they did a shot from the inside of the car with a crew guy pouring blood off the car, assuming that's supposed to be the blood of the beheaded Vampire


Heres a Short Video of one of the scenes they shot Posted by JDH1973

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The Next shot was back in the alley so we went to take a bathroom break and on the way we stopped and got some shots with the Impala (just it was there!! lol) For two of our entourage that were visiting Vancouver from the Convention, it was there first time on set and seeing the impala so they were so excited to see and take pics with it. Heck, no matter how many times I see it it still excites me! :-)


After they did that they did a few shots of the fake "Edward & Bella" doing a scene in the Alley with actor Joseph Reitman (@JoeUgly on twitter). We couldn't watch what they were filming because the shot was facing out the alley so we had to hid behind the wall.


But then the "Blood Donor Truck" came through... Then I'm like "oh god....Don't you know you shouldnt drive a blood Truck through a dark alley were Vampires are!?" haha. After that (at around Midnight) they were done and started to pack up... So it was our time to leave. Best set experience ever! Thanks crew peeps! You made our night soooo awesome!!




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Set Report from: Thanks to @Naficeh (on Twitter) for this Report!




"Supernatural was filming on the corner of Carnarvon Street and 8th Street is New Westminster today (August 9th). They were in a building across from The Old Spaghetti Factory called Arundel Mansions.  It’s an older looking building. Pale yellow with a black iron fire escape. I was told that it was episode 4 season 6 but I highly doubt that since the fourth episode was the one Jensen directed and it was filmed first. I’m thinking it might have been the fourth episode as in the fourth one they’ve filmed. Making it episode 3. They were mainly using the fourth story of the building. One of the windows on that floor was broken through. I wasn’t there to catch it but apparently earlier two stunt doubles had crashed through it. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins were all there. They also had 2 Impalas on location as well as the Dodge Charger."




"From what I gathered the scene that was being shot was about Castiel and a character in a black suit falling through the fourth story window and landing on the Dodge Charger. The camera was positioned in the window in the building looking out. It would pan down and film Castiel and black suit guy lying on a green-screen replica of the Charger. Sam and Dean would appear in the same window as the camera and look down onto Castiel, suit guy and the car while (I’m assuming) a camera filmed them looking out the window."





"Jared and Jensen got there and were moved inside the building pretty quickly. Just enough time for a couple touch ups. I got a couple pictures of Jensen getting his makeup fixed, but Jared with hidden by a van. After Jared and Jensen finished their looking out the window scenes, they sat off the side by another smaller window. Jared was goofing off and throwing something (gummy candies?) at Misha who was still lying on the green-screen car. At one point Misha managed to kick one of little things away. "

Rest of @Naficeh 's Photo's HERE !

More Photos & Info From the Set: HERE & HERE





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Set Report from: Shay_loves_hayden on IMDB


"I lucked out with a friend living a block away from their on-location set, and spent 2 evenings hanging around watching them film. I also got to touch the Impala which was just parked on the street... amazing. Best 2 days of my life. It's hard to believe Jensen is even more gorgeous in real life.



I also saw Azazel walking around, what a surprise!"


"They were filming the season premiere, and from what I could tell, Sam was himself and for some reason driving a Charger.. and has some kind of emotional goodbye/send off with Dean outside of Lisa's house. There was also a red Challenger parked down the street that they were using.

and Azazel is back, presumably NOT in a flashback but I could be wrong. "


"I think they did the majority of their filming at night, but I didn't stay late, plus I wouldn't have gotten many good pics in the dark.

They had "eerie" fog every night."


"Oh and to clear up some confusion, it was Sam and Dean having a bit of an emotional goodbye. I don't mean the full tears and hug it out type goodbye, it just looked like it wasn't a happy goodbye.. though Jared was being a total goofball after every take and during rehearsal so maybe it wasn't a big deal. "


"I didn't get any full shots of the other cars

Jared got in the Charger in the one scene, pulled out of the driveway and stopped directly in front of me so I snapped this one:"





The dialogue I could hear wasn't much.


Jensen's scene was him walking up to a van, saying "Any sign of him?" and then being handed binoculars. He looks through them, then looks back at whoever was supposed to be driving all concerned and walks back to the house.


Jensen and Jared's scene was them walking from the doorstep to the Charger, saying goodbye and Jared backing out of the driveway. Then Jensen walks back up to the house and rubs the back of his head.


That's literally all that I saw be filmed in like 2 hours. They wrapped after the last one was done. It seemed like a really chilled out set. I know a few people who have worked on it and they all seemed to have fun. 2 of my teachers were actually on set working.. which was awkward. One was a camera man, and the other was doing makeup (effects I'm assuming) because she did a bunch of tattoos on some people (no one I recognized though)


[Lisa's] house is definitely not blue and looks literally nothing like the one in the picture but the sheet that I got listed that house as "Lisa's house". The one next door to it looked a ton more like her house, and they were doing all the filming inside it on the 2nd day but I didn't take any pictures of it. Next time I go to my friend's place, I'll take a stroll around the block and look closer at the other house."





More Photos Here:




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OH MAN! finally! Some season 6 sets! ...alright lets get down to business! ...thanks to a tip from a member on my site, Tara, I learned about Supernatural filming in Langley! I don't have any major spoilers... but hopefully this will help keep some of you alive our this torturous Helliatus!



So me (@KJNeely) and my friends Kathy (@Narnia101) and Rachel (@Racheltastik) arrived in Fort Langely (after taking 3 buses! ><;) where we found some filming signs pointing up 96 Ave... So of course we followed! we kept following the arrows..... for a very VERY long time...





We passed by the Craft Services and the crew Parking....





and so we kept walking ....and walking.....for about a freaking hour! ....until we saw some cars stopped and with what Kathy thought was for construction... but I was like... maybe it Supernatural! ...and it was! we started to see trucks and lights as we rounded the corner... on the left I saw a fake play ground set up with the the same monkey bars they used in "Something Wicked" ....





Then we saw Clif (Jared & Jensens Bodyguard) standing over by his car... Im pretty sure he was staring us down to see if we were a threat... cause you know there nothing scarier then a bunch of fan girls! XD ... then I looked over to my right and there was the awesomest set! haha.... the pictures don't do it justice.... you can see the lake and mountains... im sure once the episode airs you'll see how pretty it was! they have a fake stone wall up and they have a bunch of fake grave sites in there aswell...





Basically  we were there for like 2 minutes.... then we were asked to leave... were assuming cause something was "going down"... ("going down? right. Okay Huggy Bear..." hehe) So I don't have any spoilers other then the fact that  I saw was Jared as Sam...alive and well....haha no duh!... I hope everyone knew that already lol and his big Bear laugh! haha its adorable ^^ also Jensen directing... he was waving his arms and everything! 





oh and Mark Sheppard (aka Crowely) was there as well!! woot! thats exciting! my opinion anyway! haha ;D





 so hope you enjoyed this report!... we did walk for hours *dramatic voice* to bring you this news!




New Report From @treehawk73 ...she gives us her story of the set... thanks so much Tara!:



"My daughter (7) and I went down again last night and had a great time.  We watched them filming the scene in the cemetery with Sam and Dean and Crowley talking.  When we first arrived Jared was standing in front of a truck at the side of the road talking to some other guys. We drove right past him and then parked a ways up and walked back and were able to stand within 10 feet of him. But I'm afraid I'm too much of a chicken to go and ask for autographs and we were told as soon as we got there that we could stay and watch but that we were not allowed to take any pictures.  After they filmed the cemetery scene Jensen walked right by us again with in 10 feet of us. 


We were there for about an hour, but only got to see about 15 mins of filming.  They were finished in the cemetery and moving across the street to the house and we overhead them say something about setting up by the "wood chipper".  Plus it was their "lunch" break.

We wandered around the set for quite a while after and I couldn't believe how nice the crew was.  My daughter would ask me a question about what a piece of equipment was or what someone was doing and they would stop and explain it to her.  It was great!  She even got to use the "cast" washrooms because the park washrooms were locked up.   She's now decided she really wants to get into the film industry!


I did get a good shot of the cemetery earlier in the day.  I drove out that way to see if they were still there and it was before they had started filming so there were very few people there and I was able to pull over and take a picture."





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 Heres a Report from Brooke (@pretty_inpink) of her experience on the set of Supernatural!


"I'm not sure which episode they were filming but I'm pretty confident it was either 21 or 22. They were in "Detroit" for this episode and were filming in East Vancouver. When we first arrived on set we saw 2 Impalas, one parked on the side of the road and the other down an alley. They had just finished filming down in the alley so we waited for them to set up the next scene. First we saw had Jared charging across the road towards an apartment building (Jensen was walking behind him) screaming "We're here you sons of bitches, come and get us!" Another scene had Jim and Misha seeing a light burst out of the windows of the same apartment building, and then the two exchanged a worried/confused glance.



The next scene - and my favorite from the night - involved Misha, Jim and Jensen. No Jared, which I thought was pretty interesting given the content of the scene. The 3 of them were standing outside an electronics store that had a bunch of T.V.'s facing the street, all showing "Breaking News" coverage of fires, earthquakes, collapsed buildings, etc. Jensen and Misha were talking, and although most of the dialogue was pretty inaudible we were able to hear a pretty important piece. Jensen yells "we are NOT giving up.... right Bobby"?, at which point Jim says nothing. Jensen looks shocked and sounds almost desperate as he repeats himself ".....Bobby?" It's hard to relay the kind of emotion Jensen had in his voice but I guarntee this will be an awesome scene"!"







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Its was a very short shoot... but totally worth it! ;) When we first got there (around 5:30 pm) they were still setting up. We talked to a crew member who told us that they weren't going to start shooting until around 8 pm. And J&J were at the studio finishing up some scenes and then were going to head to NewWest later. She said it was going to be the final shot of the Episode...from the things she said we assumed it was for episode 21. So we left and got a bite to eat then came back at around 9pm. They were all set up.. the cameras were out.. the Impala was there! (squee! ^^) Neither of the boys had shown yet... So we sat on the curb across the street watching them set up the camera and making sure its already to start filming.


Finally we see them come out of the Van.. u can hear all the girls *gasping*  ...Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles had finally made it out to New Westminster and got right down to filming. The scene was Sam & Dean in the Impala with there binoculars watching something across the street.... sadly we couldn't hear any of the dialogue from J&J.  



After a few takes of that J&J got out of the car and started saying goodbyes to the crew... with many hugs. The most hugged was Phil Sgriccia (Executive Producer, Director, and maker of the awsome "Gag Reels") who showed up at the end of the shoot. After a couple minutes of them talking to crew members Jared & Jensen left...  




But the shoot wasn't over yet! Directly across the street they were going to film the scene that shows what Sam & Dean were watching with there binoculars. The Scene is a man in a wheel chair being pushed into building thats called "serenity valley convalescent home". Now I dont want to make any assumptions, because I have no clue what was actually happening, but the man in the wheel chair looked a bit like Bobby (Jim Beaver). So we were thinking it might be Jim's body double... and that maybe its supposed to be Bobby being pushed into this facility.




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Not a Whole bunch happened on the set because it was all inside shots... We did spot Jared Padalecki walking into the building when he arrived for his shot. Also we heard lots of loud gun fire coming from inside the building. Not sure which episode its going to be in...


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After using much investigative skills we discovered Supernatural Filming in East Vancouver... According to Jim Beaver on twitter Jensen was with him on a plane during when we were there so he wasn't on the set. We did know that Jared or Misha may have been there... though we didnt see either of them...


BUT! we saw some extras walk by and we found out who one of the extras was. The one in the doctors outfit Mark Ghanime. He tweeted some stuff from interesting stuff from his time on set:




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This set visit was very interesting! When we arrived at the place we heard that they were filming and we had to walk a bit down a trial because we were in a forest. As we got deeper into the forest we started seeing set trucks and a epic smoke thing that was basically a giant garbage bag in the shape of a very very long tube... I called it the "smoke snake" (lol)...Eventually some our friends showed up and told us that they just saw Misha Collins at the craft services! We were so happy to hear that Misha was on set! So we went back to Craft services and stood off to the side near there hoping to maybe see Misha again... So we stood there talking it had been an hour already and I look over at the food table and I see Misha there wearing a jacket over his trench coat... I whispered to my other friends "Mishas over there!" The other crew members were over there to and saw us staring in that direction and seemed amused that we were squeeing... almost like they were laughing at us... so "Misha" finally turns around (cause we could only see his back before) and we realized thats totally not Misha! lol... It was his body double! that was hilarious... We met some really cool crew members to keep us entertained while we waiting to see something... but of course we didnt know we were totally standing in the wrong spot! a random guy walking his dog informed us that there was a epic fight scene going on up the hill... anyways the rest is in this video... check it out! ;)


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So this day was defiantly one of the best days of my life! Not only did I make a new awsome friends BUT I saw 3 very gorgeous amazing men! Now I dont need to go into detial of what happend on set because its all mostly in the video... but ill let you in on what I didnt show! ;D So me and my new friend Heather arrived on set in Langely (after many bus rides!) at about 12 or 1 in the afternoon... as soon as we got to there they were already in the proccess of filming. The first scene we saw was Jared and Jensen coming out of the Impala.. Sam throws dean a rag(?) then they did a wedding scene when the bride and Groom run out of the church will people throwing rice at them... I swear I saw Dean checking out the Bride butt!! HA! All the rest were just Sam and Dean doing dialoge scenes outside the church... but then something really exciting happend! We heard on the crew radios that Misha was about to arrive on set! XD He came in wearing Jeans and a hoodie! They did a few rehursal scenes with Dean carrying out a injured castiel and Sam carrying out the priest (who was played by Larry Poindexter) heres the video:

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When night came they did the real scene and I was able to pick up on most of the dialoge this is what happend:

The first part Dean is carrying out an injured Castiel and Sam is carrying out an Pastor Gideon:


Sam: "...the last time i checked --" [rest is indistinguishable]

Dean: "Well I dont know what to tell you. I saw a shot and I took it."


They Load Cas & other guy into car and shut there doors...sam looks at dean over the roof of the impala and says: "Your going to do something stupid.. like Micheal stupid.."Deans doesn't respond and gets into the impala...


Heres what you DIDNT see int he video! So after Sitting & Standing on the side walk for 5 hours someone from the crew informed us that they were all going on a dinner break so we could do the same... So we did.. we went to a little cafe near the set with the greatest hot chocolate if I might add ^^ the cafe was actually in the background in Supernatural ("Croatoan" & "The Song Remains the Same") anyways while we sat in the cafe eating our food we see Misha walk us the side walk in front of us! hehe! He basically was wondering the streets of Fort Langely by himself... Anyways lets get to the good stuff! We didn't know at the time but Michael Shanks (SG-1, Sanctuary, Smallville) was on set... and Heather just happen to accidently get a picture of him!


So when night came... and the boys were in there warm trailer and we were on the cold side walk (lol) we noticed a man with a hood standing across the street from the set in front of us with women fixing his clothing and makeup... we were all like "who's this mystery man!" (little did we know it was Michael Shanks) ...then he did a few scenes where he was walking by himself and thinks he hears something so looks over his shoulder and does that a few times...the last him he turns to see Castiel standing there... they talked a bit... the guy tried to walk away but Castiel stopped him... Once they were done with that they seemed like they were done and I had my back facing the set talking to my friends when I heard some girls *gasping* and turned around to see Misha coming towards us! and says: “I hope no one is missing work for this!...How long have you guys been here?” I spoke up and said "Me and her (referring to Heather) have been hear since around 1 (it was about between 9-10 pm then)" Misha says, “Shit! you guys really are devoted!” ...he continued to talk to us for a little while and took a picture with one of my friends and signed her drawing of him... then he sadly had to leave :(


So the crew started to pack up to move to the next location which was only just a bit down the street so we follow (of course! lol) We were moved around alot so we werent in the shot... we were shooed off to the side... but ha! so was misha... he had to wait near where we were standing... lol... we also met a cool crew member that dealt with our crazy asses the rest of the night..he was so nice!



 And the last shot of the night!




[you cant see jared in my shot.. but ill tell u what i saw with my eyes]

Your hear the door of the impala slam shut as dean jumps in and quikly turns on the impala. Sam Quickly runs out of the motel room in his pj's to catch dean but Dean quickly speeds off in the impala and Sam yells "No! Dean!!" and watches as the impala speed off breathing heavy with his hands on his head...(obviously deans gunna do something stupid! OH NO! lol)


Side Note... I didn't get any pics  but they did a scene when Dean gives Castiel some aspirin... lol just thought you should know ;)